Suburban Transformation

2010 Pittsburgh Magazine Best Kitchen Design

This suburban residence suffered from a rambling floor plan, a lackluster kitchen and disjointed space planning. We repostioned the garage entry to create a mudroom and storage entry sequence. We opened the kitchen up to a south-facing patio as well as to the family room, dining room and formal living room beyond. We gutted much of the main floor - including bearing walls that were replaced with beams. We also removed the patio façade, completely reconfigured its fenestration, and added a cedar trellis that projects a layer of lattice-like shadows on the floor.

Views now extend outward through a wall of windows that transform into panels of colored, polished plaster as they wrap around built-in seating. The composition is further tied together both visually and materially through the use of maple windows, casework and trim, colored glass backsplashes and counter tops, earth-tone slate tile and oak floor. With its substantial stainless steel island, the redesigned kitchen functions as a family hub as well as a dramatic place to entertain.

Location: Fox Chapel, PA
Size: 1,000 SF
Completion Date: 2009