House on the Park

This modest 2 1/2 story home has been relatively unchanged since its construction in 1925. Its chief virtue is its location, backing on to scenic Frick Park and in a desirable East End neighborhood.

Expanding the home's footprint and volume without overwhelming its modest scale and narrow lot presented many design challenges. We achieved this significant transformation with a simple, continuous shed roof that spans from a new ridge beam, enveloping the addition. Raising the ridge created a usable, sunny third floor as well as a dramatic master bedroom under a sloped ceiling.

The owners are acting as general contractor, and have completed much of the labor themselves - from gutting the structure down to its frame, excavating the basement, insulating and air sealing to building the stone terrace against the park backdrop. When completed, the 2 1/2 story addition will expand the home's height and footprint from 1,400 sf to 2,400 sf. The project scope also includes a fully renovated exterior, with a 21st c weathertight envelope and high efficiency mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Location: Point Breeze, Pittsburgh, PA
Size: 2,400 SF
Completion Date: Summer 2016